Local Murals

Trego Co. Chamber of Commerce Mural

 The Locals of WaKeeney certainly wanted to show their Love for Local with this mural located right outside the Post Office Door.  WaKeeney is marked on the map with a large heart, which this community has lots of.  This mural was sponsored by the local Chamber of Commerce, and painted by five local citizens, including the current Mayor.  We think you’ll Love The Local atmosphere of WaKeeney too! 

Butterfly Mural

Butterflies have always been a symbol of hope and new life!  This mural certainly brings new life to the once blank white wall.   The mural painted by artist – Mindy Allen is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s heart who sees this mural in person.   We hope you’ll come downtown WaKeeney to see this mural on Russell Avenue.

North Pole Mural

Spreading Christmas cheer everyday of the year.  Known as the Christmas City of the High Plains we wanted to display our tree all year round.  What better way than to have this mural located at The North Pole Park downtown WaKeeney.  It may be July and over 98 degrees , but you can still take your picture under our famous tree!  Or sneak in a photo with Santa on the front porch of the North Pole while you are there.

Trego Musuem Mural

This mural is located at The Trego County Historical Society Museum and depicts the settling of Trego County and WaKeeney.   The mural has our fore-fathers and founders as well as other points of history tucked in the artwork.  You’ll want to spend some time with this piece of art and then take some time to enjoy the many stories and artifacts throughout the museum.   This mural was painted by six local artists.

Shiloh Barn Mural

When enjoying an afternoon at Shiloh Vineyard and Winery, be sure to take a moment and enjoy this piece of mural art painted by local artist, Laurie Albin.

Cedar Bluff Mural

When visiting Cedar Bluff State Park, be sure to go in the park office and take a look at this mural located behind the reception desk area.   This mural was painted by Amber McLuahglin and shows some of the wildlife that would be found in the area.  Cedar Bluff State Park is a great way to spend a day in Trego County, exploring the park itself as well as exploring the Smoky Valley Scenic Byway.